Student Right-to-Know

Graduation Rates

The U.S. Department of Education requires that all postsecondary institutions provide both prospective and current students with information concerning the performance of current students as an illustration of the likelihood of success. The law requires that the information includes the rate at which first-time, full-time certificate and degree-seeking students who attend the institution successfully complete their program. A student is considered to have successfully completed the program if he/she graduates within 150 percent of the time required by the program. For example, a student who graduates from a two-year program within three years has, according to federal guidelines, successfully completed the program.

The Bristol Community College graduation rate for first-time, full-time certificate and degree-seeking freshmen entering the College in the Fall of 2015 and graduating three years later (2018) was twenty percent (20%). Eleven percent (11%) of the first-time, full-time certificate and degree-seeking students transferred to other institutions prior to completing their BCC program. The most current (2014) national graduation rate is twenty-five percent (25%).

Aggregated Graduation Rate Data

 Fall 2015 Cohort  20%


 By Gender  Rate
 Men  18%
 Women   21%


 By Race/Ethnicity:  Rate
 Nonresident alien*  0%
 Hispanic/Latino  9%
 American Indian or Alaska Native  0%
 Asian  31%
 Black or African American  17%
 Native Hawaiian or Other Pacific Islander  0%
 White  21%
 Two or more races  23%
 Race and ethnicity unknown  21%


 By Grant/Loan Recipients:  Rate
 Pell Recipients  17%
 Subsidized Stafford Recipients (No Pell)  25%
 No Pell or Subsidized Stafford  23%


*There are zero students in this category for the 2015 cohort.