Inclement Weather


The decision to cancel or delay classes and activities will be based upon the best information available regarding the operational status of the college. This includes heat, power, snow removal, and accessibility to the campus to include the availability of public transportation and street conditions in our service area.

Conditions may vary greatly within the college’s service area; therefore, when classes and activities are being held, students and employees must ultimately determine if they are able to attend. Students are encouraged to become familiar with the policies of their instructors regarding missed assignments.

The college will attempt to communicate by several means the status of operations. It is the employee’s responsibility to verify if they are to report to work.

Go to the Campus Emergency Inclement Weather Policy for more details regarding the following topics related to inclement weather policy:

  • College Closing Decisions and Announcements
  • Delayed Opening Decisions and Announcements
  • Early Release Decision and Announcements
  • Procedures for Early Releases
  • Activities Canceled
  • Compensation Policies and Information Regarding the Charging of Time
  • Local Media Outlets for College Announcements

An announcement will be put on the college’s switchboard at the Elsbree Street Campus, which can be reached by calling 508.678.2811 and on the college website. An announcement will also be placed on the Attleboro voice mail system. Radio and television station information can sometimes be inaccurate. The college recommends that more than one means of notification should be checked.

When the college is closed, only essential employees should report to work or remain at work. During inclement weather, the following “essential employees” must report for work during their scheduled shifts. These employees are notified each year and typically include:

  • Campus Police Officers
  • Maintainers
  • Ground Crew

If non-essential employees need to be on campus, Public Safety or Facilities personnel will direct them to safe parking in Lot 6. If you need to remain on campus after the college has closed, you must move your vehicle to Lot 6 and notify Campus Police in order for Facilities personnel to safely plow the parking lots.

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