Professional Development


Bristol Community College employees can take many different learning and development opportunities to gain knowledge and skills to better serve our students and community and contribute to the success of the college.Employees may take courses during working hours. However, the time including travel to and from class must be made up by an adjustment to the employee's work schedule which is acceptable to the supervisor.

College and grant funds are available for professional development for all employees for workshops and conferences.  Faculty, unit-professionals, and administrative employees should apply for funding through the Professional Development Committee and classified employees should apply for funding through the Classified Development Committee. Applications for Classified Development funds only should be submitted using the appropriate form available through the Office of Human Resources.

Tuition Remission

Tuition Remission is available through the state tuition assistance program for benefitted employees and their dependents in accordance with applicable bargaining agreements and the Non-Unit Professionals Personnel Policies Handbook. Tuition remission is available to benefited employees and eligible dependents at any Massachusetts college or university after a six (6) month waiting period with the exception of employees of the MCCC bargaining agreement. A "dependent child" shall mean any natural, adopted or stepchild who is claimed as a dependent on the eligible employee’s Federal Tax Return for the tax year immediately preceding enrollment and/or according to an employee’s collective bargaining agreement.

See Tuition Remission for more information.

Relevant Forms

Classified Development Individual Funding Request

Classified Development Workshop Proposal

Professional Development Application

Tuition Waiver Form for Bristol Community College Courses

Tuition Waiver Form for State Community Colleges and State Universities

Relevant Resources

Tuition Remission

Relevant Contacts

Office of Human Resources

President’s Office

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