All staff members of the College are employees of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and are subject to the laws governing employment in state service as they apply to community colleges under the Department of Higher Education. Appointments to all positions are made by the college President and reported to the Board of Trustees at monthly meetings.

Personnel Recruitment Request

An on-line Personnel Recruitment Request must be completed and approved in order to have a full-time and/or part-time position posted and advertised. Each field of the requisition with an asterisk must be filled. The request will not process if any of the asterisk field are left blank and a rationale for the position must be included in the notes section to be discussed at President’s Cabinet meeting.

The Personnel Recruitment Request approval chain consist of the following approval and signatures:

  • Hiring Supervisor/Manager
  • Vice President/Dean
  • Grant Manager (if applicable)
  • Executive Director of Human Resources
  • President

An Internal Search is the recruitment to fill college positions from among current college employees and work-study students. In certain instances, an internal search may be authorized. When a Vice President or an area administrator can justify that an internal search is appropriate, he/she should request an internal search on the Personnel Recruitment Request.

Position Descriptions

Position descriptions for Faculty, Unit-Professional, AFSCME, and Non-Unit Professional positions should include a description of the duties to be performed, minimum qualifications necessary to perform the duties described, Division or Department requesting the position, and supervisor to whom the position reports.

Recruitment Action 

Recruitment action is the process by which a Division or Administrative Unit seeks to attract people to employment with the college. In this process, we have a responsibility to provide equal employment opportunities to persons without regard to race, sex, gender identity, color, national origin, sexual orientation, genetic information, religion, age, veteran status or disability under state or federal law in any aspect of employment, admissions, access or treatment of its programs and activities. To fulfill this responsibility requires a strong affirmative action activity on the part of everyone in the recruitment process to recruit minorities and women. It should be understood that, if efforts in this area are not vigorous, the President may require a reopening of a recruitment search.


The Office of Human Resources, on the basis of the Personnel Recruitment Request, will advertise the position. Posting notices for the position will be included in the Bristol Weekly.

Newspaper advertising will be placed according to the instructions of the requesting supervisor subject to the availability of funds. All advertising is placed as economically as possible and will normally appear in the weekend editions of newspapers, unless otherwise requested. Advertising will include one insertion in each paper requested. More than one insertion or special display advertising may require that the additional cost be paid through the requesting supervisor’s budget.

Classified positions are normally advertised locally only. If a supervisor believes a classified position should be advertised in the Providence or Boston paper, he/she should discuss it with the Executive Director of Human Resources.

Faculty and professional positions are usually advertised on a regional or national level. Such advertising should include not only newspapers, but journals and websites related to specific disciplines and special efforts in minority publications and contacts with national associations and minority associations in specific disciplines. It is important that the supervisor requesting recruitment action identify these special recruitment resources.


After the Personnel Recruitment Request is approved, the following timeline is required for recruitment:

  • In all cases, posting closing dates will not be less than 10 calendar days from date advertising appears in publications
  • Search Committee Action – begins following the closing date of posting. Should be completed within 30 days

Advertising Grant-Funded Positions

Advertising for positions that are funded by grants or sources other than regular state funds must be charged to the funding source. This should be considered when preparing program costs, budget, etc.

Application and Selection Process

The Office of Human Resources will receive all applications for all positions through the on-line system (Interview Exchange System). All positions require a resume describing the individual’s education, work experience, interests, a letter of intent, and references and they will be asked to complete an Affirmative Action/Equal Opportunity form. In addition, some positions require a qualifying examination or teaching demonstration. The Human Resources office will schedule qualifying examinations/teaching demonstration for those selected to interview for the position.

A Search Committee is to be appointed by the senior administrator to whom the new employee will report (according to the organizational chart). The names of the Search Committee members should be submitted to the Office of Human Resources at the time the recruitment process begins on the Recruitment form. The appointment of this Committee may be postponed by the President, upon request of the supervising administrator, if there is a possibility that individuals named to the Committee might choose to apply for the position. The Committee shall consist of at least three (3) persons. The Search Committee must include a member of the college’s Affirmative Action Committee. The Committee will review all applications or resumes submitted for the positions and screen them with regard to the position requirements. The Human Resources office will then schedule the appointments for candidates to be interviewed.

The Committee will interview the qualified applications they have chosen for interview. The Committee will then recommend the top candidate(s) to the Hiring Administrator in charge of the area where the job opening exists.

No recommendations are to be forwarded from the Search Committee to the Hiring Administrator until the end of the advertising and/or posting period.  It is understood that there is to be complete confidentiality in this process. The Screening Committee should not reveal their considerations or findings to anyone other than the Hiring Administrator to whom they are submitting their recommendations.

Recommendation and Appointment

All employment recommendations are to be forwarded through the appropriate chain of command to the Vice President of the Division. All forms including resumes of the finalists, and the strengths and weakness notes must accompany the recommendation when forwarded to the Hiring Administrator.

The Hiring Administrator, after review of the recommendation(s) and any additional interviews he/she might wish to schedule, will forward his/her recommendation for employment to the Human Resources office. The Vice President or Department Head will notify the selected candidate of his/her selection and offer the position on behalf of the college. The hiring department/division will process the Personnel Action Form through the Interview Exchange System for approval.

If the person selected declines the position, then the selection process should revert to the Vice President who may either recommend one of the other finalists sent forward by the Hiring Administrator or recommend additional persons from the candidate list. If the Hiring Administrator is not able to recommend another candidate from among the applications received, the administrator may request that the search be reopened or extended.

Emergency Appointments

There may be occasions when, because of late resignations or unexpected circumstances, a position must be filled to meet the college’s responsibility to students and time constraints will not permit implementing the recruitment procedures as outlined. In such instances, upon request, the President or the President’s designee will consider approval of an emergency appointment. Such requests should be approved by the appropriate Vice President and submitted to the Human Resources office.

Emergency appointments may not exceed one semester. During this period, the recruitment process as outlined above will take place to fill the position.

Relevant Forms

Personnel Recruitment Request Form - Interview Exchange System

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