The State Employees Responding as Volunteers Program (SERV) gives state employees the opportunity to provide volunteer services to assist in the improvement of the community at accredited non-profit organizations and public entities (including schools).

All full-time Bristol Community College employees who have been successfully employed for at least six (6) months immediately prior to the volunteer request and have applied for, and received approval from their direct supervisors and agency heads or designees, may participate in the SERV Program. An employee with a break in service needs to complete six months of employment after returning to Bristol Community College employment before being eligible for the SERV program.

Part-time employees are eligible to participate in the program on a pro-rated basis.  (The maximum number of volunteer hours allowed per month is pro-rated in accordance with the number of hours an employee works per month). Seasonal, intermittent, and contract employees are not eligible.

A Bristol Community College employee must complete a Bristol Community College Community Service Leave Request form signed by his/her supervisor and department head and submit it to Human Resources. If approved to perform community service, the employee must complete a Community Service Verification form that is signed by the Volunteer Organization upon completion of the approved community service event and submit it to Human Resources for processing.

Go to SERV for more detail about the program. 

Relevant Forms

Bristol Community College Community Service Leave Request and Community Service Forms‌

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