Work-Related Injury


Any injury or onset of illness that occurs in the course and scope of employment by Bristol Community College must be reported to an employee’s supervisor, the Office of Human Resources, and Campus Police. Timely reporting of all injuries is important to ensure that an employee receives appropriate care and to minimize the chance for further aggravation of the injury. Employees should also report any “near miss” incidents (i.e. incidents that could have but did not result in injury, illness, or damage) as this will assist in controlling potential hazards.

Like other state employees, Bristol Community College employees are covered by Workers Compensation for injuries which occur in the course of employment. The Commonwealth is self-insured. The Commonwealth of Massachusetts’ Human Resources Division (HRD) Worker’s Compensation Section (WCS) is the insurer as well as the Utilization Review agent for an industrial accident.  The Division of Industrial Accidents (DIA) requires all worker’s comp. insurers to perform Utilization Review to determine the medical necessity of health care services.

An Internal Accident Report must be completed whether or not the employee sees a physician or goes to the hospital. The Internal Accident Report should to be sent to the Office of Human Resources within twenty-four (24) hours with a copy to Campus Police. Failure to report an accident could result in loss of benefits under Workers Compensation. Persons that witnessed an injury or illness may be asked to participate in the accident investigation process if needed by the Campus Police and/or the Office of Human Resources.

Upon receiving the Internal Accident Report, the Office of Human Resources will provide the employee with HRD/WCS Notice of Injury Packet and an Express Script First Fill Form. Upon receipt of your claim, the Human Resources Division/Workers’ Compensation Section will assign a file number. If an employee has any questions regarding their claim, they should contact the Office of Human Resources or call the HRD claim’s unit and ask to speak with the adjuster for their employing agency.

The Office of Human Resources may require additional forms which must be completed prior to submission to the Industrial Accident Board. All forms and bills are to be submitted to the Human Resources office for processing.

If an employee requires medical attention for an injury or illness, that information should be included in the Internal Accident Report. An employee can receive medical attention at any Hospital.

An employee who suffers a work-related injury or illness must submit satisfactory evidence of his/her ability to return to work to the Office of Human Resources. This evidence should indicate when the employee was seen, diagnosis, and when the employee can return to work without restrictions. No employee may return to work after a medical emergency on the job without satisfactory medical evidence of his/her ability to work. At the college’s discretion, the Office of Human Resources may arrange for the employee to meet with the college’s Physician.

Relevant Forms

Internal Accident Report

Worker's Compensation Temporary Prescription ID Card (PDF)

Injured Workers’ Guide to Medical Treatment

Relevant Contacts

Office of Human Resources

SouthCoast Hospital – Charlton site
Charlton Memorial Hospital
363 Highland Ave.
Fall River, MA 02720
(508) 679-3131

Nurses line for HR for Occupational Health
(508) 679-7101

Commonwealth Of Massachusetts
One Ashburton Place
HR W/C Rm 213, 3rd Floor
Boston, Ma 02108
(617) 727-3437
(617) 727-7816 Fax

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