College Awards

Congratulations to all of the 2019 Sceptre & Scroll and Silver Shield Award recipients!

2019 Silver Shield Recipients

  • Engin Atasay
  • Patricia Barbosa
  • Rosario Basay
  • Kayla Desrosiers
  • Patricia Hiscock
  • April Lavoie
  • Rhonda Magnuski
  • Fonda McKnight
  • Katie Mello
  • Ryan Menard
  • Marisa Millard
  • Maurico Ossa
  • Katie Ruggieri
  • Everilis Santana
  • Eileen Young

2019 Sceptre & Scroll Recipients

  • Elizabeth Kemper French
  • Debra St George

Silver Shield and Sceptre & Scroll 2019

View the recipients of the 2019 Silver Shield and Sceptre & Scroll Awards below. 


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Recognition Programs

Longevity and Retiree Recognition Event

A full-time employee event and part-time employee event is held annually to honor faculty and staff for their “service milestones” in length of service to the College (i.e. 5-year intervals Faculty and staff that have retired during the academic year are also recognized for their many contributions to the College.

Also presented at the recognition event are the Sceptre & Scroll and Silver Shield awards. For more information regarding the Sceptre & Scroll and Silver Shield awards, please contact the Associate Vice President of Enrollment Services office.

Commonwealth of Massachusetts Recognition Program

Commonwealth employees or teams of state employees may be nominated for the Performance Recognition Program for exemplary work performance for awards in three categories: Commonwealth Citation for Outstanding Performance, Eugene H. Rooney, Jr. Public Service Award, and the Manuel Carballo Governor’s Award for Excellence in Public Service.

For more Information visit the Performance Recognition Program page at

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