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Brand Central

Our brand communicates the personality of the college across a wide range of communication vehicles and media channels. The guidelines for Bristol Community College have been developed to ensure that any representation of the college is expressed in a consistent form to all audiences – both internal and external – in a distinct and unique way. 

Brand Guidelines

Please refer to the guidelines for direction on the use and general thematic look-and-feel of the Bristol brand. 

Download the PDF.


Several versions of the main Bristol Community College logo are available for download below. For additional versions, please contact Marketing & Communications. 

To download the PNG image files, click the link above, then right click and select, "Save image as..." 


Faculty and staff are encouraged to use these templates for consistency.



Email Signature

  • There are two options for accessing your email at Bristol including Outlook on your desktop and Office 365 Outlook accessed online within accessBCC. You will need to create your signature for each method that you use. Please download this template for instructions for updating both platforms. Please note that signatures with graphics are not currently available on an iPhone (iOS) or any Android-based phone.

  • Reminder: Please put your photo in Outlook. Contact Marketing & Communications if you need a photo taken or you need assistance.

Bristol Kindness


Printed Materials

Please reference the information below if you are interested in ordering specific Bristol products.

  • Business Cards: Please complete this form
  • Bristol Name Badges
    For Academic areas, contact Lisa Lavoie
    For Administration areas, contact Kelly Landry
    For Student & Family Engagement areas, contact Andrea Van Ness-Roach
    For Workforce Development areas, contact Marsha Jones



Bristol-branded tablecloths are available for purchase. Two options are available - one with a specific department name listed below the logo or one with just the Bristol logo. 

Customized with Department - $160

Please email Linda Viveiros with the following information:

  • Name of department 
  • What you want on the tablecloth: 
  • (The Bristol logo will be on all tablecloths with the department/club name )
  • Cost Center: 
  • Approval from org manager (You can copy the person on your email)
  • Contact name:
  • Where to send the final tablecloth:

Bristol Community College General - $150

Email Linda Viveiros with the following information

  • Name of department 
  • Cost Center: 
  • Approval from org manager (You can copy the person on your email)
  • Contact name:
  • Where to send the final tablecloth:


Need a different logo format? Have questions about using the brand? Contact Marketing and Communications. 

774.357.2169 |