Ways to Pay

There are several ways you can pay your tuition and fees bill. This includes online, by mail, in person. Check out more details about your options in the information below. 

Please note: Effective June 1, 2018, a 2.75% nonrefundable service fee will be applied for credit card payments. This fee is retained by Nelnet Campus Commerce to cover the processing costs.

Pay Online

You can make payment on your student account by logging in to accessBCC using the steps outlined below. Once logged on to the payment system within accessBCC, you may also grant access to a parent or other authorized party. Simply select the “Authorized Payer tab” in the left hand menu. 

Bristol accepts MasterCard, Discover, VISA, and E-checks for payment online. Bristol uses Nelnet Campus Commerce to process payments. Please review Frequently Asked Questions about paying online.

Please note there is a 2.75% service fee for credit card payments, with a minimum fee of $1. This fee is retained by Nelnet Campus Commerce to cover the processing costs. Bristol Community College does not receive any portion of this fee. The service fee will be added to the total amount of your payment as a separate transaction. Once you review the payment amounts, you will have the option to cancel the credit card payment, before authorizing it, in order to process an ACH (E-check) payment instead.

To avoid paying the service fee, you may pay via E-check (also called ACH). There is no service fee for an E-check payment. You will simply enter the routing number and account number and the payment will be processed directly from your checking or savings account. You can get help finding your routing number and account number by clicking the “?” icon in the payment processing system. 

Paying online is the fastest, safest, and easiest way to pay your bill and secure your classes. To pay your bill online:

  1. Log into your accessBCC account. 
  2. Click "Pay Direct to BCC by credit card/check" located under the "Student Services" tab.
  3. Select "Continue here to e-bill/payment portal" at bottom of page.
  4. To authorize someone else such as a parent, partner, or spouse to pay your bill on your behalf, click "Add an Authorized Party," click "Add New" and complete brief form and "Save."
  5. Click on "Make a Payment."