Theatre 2018 God You Serve IP ImageBristol’s Associate in Arts in Liberal Arts & Sciences, Theatre Concentration provides hands-on training where students learn and refine their craft experientially.

Upon completion of the program, students will be prepared to transfer to a four-year institution and/or begin working professionally. The program’s rigorous and rewarding course of study prepares students for the competitive demands of the professional world, within an inclusive, safe and nurturing space for artistic exploration and personal growth.

‌After Bristol

Theatre 2018 God You Serve IP 2 ImageBristol Community College participates in the statewide MassTransfer program and has developed many transfer agreements to ease the transfer of credits and help you make the most of your college education. For a complete listing of eligible MassTransfer programs and current Bristol articulation agreements, visit the Transfer Services webpage.

Many students continue their studies in theatre at four year institutions such as the Tisch School of the Arts at New York University, Hofstra University, Marymount Manhattan College, Emerson College, Brown University, Bridgewater State College, Rhode Island College, University of Rhode Island, North Carolina School of Arts and others.

Bristol Alumni have worked in all aspects of theatre performance and administration both locally and nationally!

For more information about the associate in arts in liberal arts & sciences, theatre concentration, please visit the academic catalog.

Register now for one of our exciting classes:

THE 113 - Actors Scene Study

Read plays and act in selected scenes. This is a fun and exciting class where you will learn the fundamentals of taking a script from the page to  the stage.  Counts as a Humanities Elective! 
THE 114 - Playwriting
Learn the basics of script writing. Create dynamic and interesting characters, dream up vibrant and interesting worlds, structure your stories properly. This class will give you what you need to write compelling plays and screenplays, as well as improve dialogue and characterization in your short stories or novel.  Counts as a Humanities Elective! 
THE 136 - Stagecraft
This class is all about creativity!  Work in the scene shop creating and building sets and props.  Work in our brand new Costume Shop creating and building costumes.  Participate backstage in Bristol’s Main Stage Premiere of A Midsummer Night’s Dream!          
THE 123 - Rehearsal and Performance
You will audition for, rehearse, and perform in a production of A Midsummer Night’s Dream on the Bristol Mainstage. This class requires about 20 hours of outside rehearsals a week. Counts as a Humanities Elective! 
THE 121 - Voice Production
One of the actor’s most important tools is their voice. Increase breath, resonance, and relaxation in this voice class for actors. Counts as a Humanities Elective! 
Studying Theatre Can Help You Climb! Become:

  • Actor
  • Director
  • Set Designer
  • Costume Designer
  • Lighting Designer
  • Sound Designer
  • Producer
  • Make-Up Artist and more!

Theatre Students have also gone on to pursue:

  • Teaching
  • Marketing
  • Advertising
  • Law
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Personal Training
  • Event Management
  • Fundraising
  • Sales

Start your journey and enroll to Bristol today!