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Timely Warning

Bristol Community College
Safety Alerts and Public Safety Notices

Timely Warnings   

A continuing danger to the college community.

Timely warnings are triggered by crimes that have already occurred but represent an ongoing threat. Bristol Community College (BCC) will issue a timely warning for any Clery Act crime committed within the Clery Act geography that is reported to our campus security authorities or a local law enforcement agency, and that is considered by the institution to represent a serious or continuing threat to students and employees.

The Clery Act requires colleges and universities to alert the college community to certain crimes in a manner that is timely and will aid in the prevention of similar crimes. Although the Clery Act does not define “timely,” the intent of a warning, regarding a criminal incident(s) is to enable people to protect themselves.

There are a number of methods that may be use during a Timely Warning and determined on a case-by-case basis: 

  1. Text messages (all locations)
  2. Email messages (all locations)
  3. Website
  4. Reverse phone messages (all locations)
  5. Hall and common-space large screen monitors (all locations)
  6. Desktop computers (all locations)

This means that BCC will issue a warning as soon as pertinent information is available. This is critical; the college will issue a warning even if it does not have all of the facts surrounding a criminal incident that represents a serious and continuing threat to students and employees. The warning will contain information about the type of criminal incident that has occurred with updates as additional information becomes available. If the continuing danger ends—for example, the perpetrator is apprehended—BCC will not issue a Timely Warning, but may decide to issue a Public Safety Advisory.

The Clery Act Timely Warning crimes are:

  • Criminal Homicide
  • Rape
  • Fondling
  • Incest
  • Statutory Rape
  • Robbery
  • Aggravated Assault
  • Burglary
  • Motor Vehicle Theft
  • Arson
  • Crimes motivated by discriminatory bias (Hate Crimes)
  • Domestic Violence
  • Dating Violence
  • Stalking
  • Arrests and Referrals for Disciplinary Action for:
    • Weapons violations
    • Liquor law violations

Clery Act regulations do not specify what information has to be included in a timely warning. However, because the intent of the warning is to enable members of the college community to protect themselves, the warning will include all information that will promote safety and that will aid in the prevention of similar crimes. Typically, alerts or warnings are decided on a case-by-case basis taking into consideration a number of factors. For example, incidents reported that are older than two weeks or more from occurrence, sexual assault that is reported long after the incident occurred and crimes that occur outside of the college community.

Contact Details

Campus Police Department
Fall River Campus, 777 Elsbree St, Fall River, MA 02720
Phone: 508.678.2811, ext. 2218
Location: D110

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