4 Stages of Returning to Campus




Space Reconfiguration

Much consideration has been taken to help create a campus environment where social distancing guidelines are possible. All persons, including employees, students, and vendors, must wear a face mask and must remain at least six feet apart to the greatest extent possible, both inside and outside campus buildings. To aid in this, Bristol has taken the following initiatives:

  • Office Reconfiguration
    • Desks are spaced an appropriate distance apart. Plexiglass barriers have been installed in lobbies, waiting rooms, office welcome areas and other locations as deemed necessary.
  • Classroom Reconfiguration
    • There will only be a limited number of students/faculty allowed per in-person class meeting according to state guidance. Desks have been spaced out and extra seating has been removed in classrooms to allow for six-foot social distancing.
  • Where necessary, markers have been placed on floors and pavements to indicate six-foot social distancing.
  • Elevators have been designated for single person use only.
  • All restrooms on campus, regardless of size, will be single-use only. Signage will be implemented to notify people as such.
  • Food Services
    • The Hawks’ Nest reopened in Stage 2. The Cafeteria will plan to reopen in Stage 3. There will be grab and go items only. You may order ahead via app and pickup. Limited seating will be available. Food Services employees will wear appropriate PPE (face masks, gloves) and a plexiglass barrier has been installed at the cashier station.
  • Public areas
    • All furniture will be spaced out more than six feet apart and shall not be moved. Only one person will be allowed to sit per table. In an effort to keep our campus as clean as possible, individuals should always ensure they social distance, sanitize the table before and after use, and throw away their trash. A face mask should always be worn unless eating or drinking.
  • All buildings are accessible with the assistance of Campus Police. Signage is displayed to let visitors know access to the campus is limited. Employees scheduled to work remotely shall obtain supervisory approval and ensure Campus Police is notified when visiting campus for contact tracing purposes.

Staffing Protocol

Protocols have been established to ensure that employees can practice adequate social distancing. The number of people on campus and in buildings at one time is being limited to approved personnel and current students. The following options may be considered to accomplish this protocol:

  • Rotating employees who will be working on campus and who will work remotely.
  • Those employees who can continue to work remotely will do so.

There will be no public access to campus buildings except for authorized personnel and students. Access to the grounds by the public is permitted, but wearing face masks/coverings and social distancing is a standard practice. 

Hygiene Protocols

  • Handwashing capabilities are provided throughout the workplace. The restrooms have been appropriately stocked for frequent handwashing.
  • Additional hand sanitizing stations have been added throughout campus in areas deemed appropriate.
  • “Self-service” cleaning stations are set up throughout campus. Open-top trash receptacles will be available to discard cleaning materials and used PPE.
  • Where applicable, each employee should have their own keyboard/mouse and desk phone that is not being shared; or use disinfectant wipes to clean after each shared use. Shared items, such as department coffee makers, microwaves, water coolers, etc. are to be used at the employee’s own risk. It is recommended that only non-perishable food items are brought to campus. If shared refrigerators must be used, ensure items are kept separated from other’s items. Only disposable plates, utensils, etc. should be used and disposed of promptly.





Limited Number of Employees Returning To Work On Campus

Campus Police keeps a daily log of who is on campus each day and requesting access to buildings. Along with the daily logs, the schedules of departments are kept of employees working on campus on a regular basis (ex. Facilities, Enrollment, ITS, etc.). All buildings are accessible with the assistance of Campus Police. Some buildings may be accessed with a Bristol ID.

Employees are on campus only as necessitated for tasks that can only be completed in person.

    1. Employees who have specific tasks that cannot be accomplished remotely must be approved by their VP, Dean, or Supervisor for on-campus work.
    2. Once an employee gains approval to work on campus, Baxter Smith, Deputy Chief of Police and Preparedness, should be contacted via email at Baxter.Smith@BristolCC.edu by the approving supervisor to notify them that the employee has approval prior to their arrival on campus listing specific dates and times.
    3. If an employee is reporting to campus for approved specific tasks that are unable to be completed remotely:
      • The employee will go directly to their building on campus, wait outside and call Campus Police at 774.357.2218 while they are outside of the building. Campus Police will remotely unlock the exterior door of the building so that the employee can enter and go to their office. No employee should enter a building without Campus Police’s knowledge.
        • The employee should only spend a minimum amount of time on campus.
          • Four (4) hours should be the maximum time spent on campus.
          • More time may be spent on campus with prior Human Resources approval.
      • Only complete those tasks which are deemed necessary.
      • While on campus, employees should follow established precautions and wear a face mask/covering, maintain social distancing of six feet from others and practice frequent hand hygiene.
      • The employee should stay in their workspace and not visit other areas, except for the nearest restroom or to get lunch. A face mask must be worn at all times on campus if the employee is not in their private office alone with the door closed. Employees may eat in their office, alone, with the door closed.
      • The employee should leave campus promptly upon completion of the tasks.

A limited number of employees who cannot work remotely may come back to campus to work.

  • Employees, being notified ahead of time, may be asked to return either full time or on a rotating schedule to work on campus.
  • Each department shall keep a sign-in sheet for visitors to their office, which will include the individual’s name, contact information and date and time of visit, should contact tracing need to occur.
  • Childcare needs/plans will be taken into consideration.
    • Dependent on schools’ reopening plans (full-time, hybrid or remote).
    • Dependent on daycare availability.
    • Dependent on availability of summer camp/programs for children.

Mail is continuing to be delivered, in a limited capacity, on a regular basis during the week.
Continued dress-down attire will be allowed until further notice. This is important so items can be washed daily, which might not be the case for typical business clothing.

Laboratory/Clinical Faculty & Students Returning

Labs and Clinics have reopened to students to complete coursework (Nursing, Veterinary, Dental Hygiene, CNA, ATR and TRAIN)

  • Each Lab/Clinic has created a plan that addresses their specific areas and requirements.
  • Classroom Participation will be taken daily and retained for contact tracing purposes.
  • Bristol has an adequate supply of PPE and disinfecting supplies for each class-room and student needs.
  • More class sections with fewer students to provide proper social distancing and group gathering guidelines. Plexiglass and dividers have been installed in labs and clinics.
  • Reasonable accommodations will be made for students who have requested one.
  • All students will need to be trained for proper PPE use prior to starting. Please review training videos and protocol in this document for further detail.

Areas Reopening

  • Bookstore
    • The Fall River bookstore is operating on a limited schedule and may have curbside pickup available. Please call 774.357.2239 or visit the Bookstore webpage for more information.
  • The Hawk’s Nest has reopened on a limited schedule. A limited menu of prepackaged grab and go items will be offered.
  • The Testing Center, in G Building, has reopened with limited capacity.
  • John Boyd Center (college’s childcare partner) on Bristol’s Fall River Campus is currently reviewing Massachusetts state guidelines and collaborating with the college in preparation for a safe reopening. The date is yet to be determined.

Areas Remaining Remote (Not an inclusive list)

  • Library
  • Grimshaw-Gudewicz Art Gallery
  • Auditorium in the Margaret L. Jackson Arts Center (H Building) on the Bristol Fall River Campus
  • Fitness Center

Meetings, Events & Business Travel

All meetings will remain virtual for the foreseeable future. There will be no in-person events allowed until further notice, including meetings and in-office gatherings. No business or conference travel will be allowed, without prior supervisory and HR approval. 

In-person gathering limits are determined via the Commonwealth's gathering order. Please review the current order at this link.

Employee Engagement

  • EAP is available remotely to benefitted employees.
  • All employees can view available wellness resources on the Human Resources Benefits webpage.
  • Virtual engagement events may also take place.




All protocols from previous phases are instituted and will continue to be implemented. During Stage 3, minimal operations at some locations will resume. Classes will be offered using different virtual modalities, including limited hybrid courses.


Bristol’s Locations

  • Fall River and New Bedford
    • Hybrid courses that have a face-to-face component.
    • Minimal faculty and staff on campus.
    • Employees who can continue to work remotely will do so.
  • Taunton and Attleboro
    • Remote services and operations only.

Face-to-Face Classes, Labs & Clinics

  • Protocol as determined in Stage 2 will remain the same (social distancing, cleaning, other).
  • Classroom Participation will be taken daily and retained for contact tracing purposes.
  • Smaller classes may take place in larger classrooms to meet physical distancing requirements.
  • PPE protocol will remain the same as previously determined.

New Areas Reopening (Dates TBD)

  • Library with minimal services
  • Cafeteria
    • Limited seating will be available to aid in social distancing measures.
    • “Grab & Go” items will continue to be served.
  • Computer labs
    • Plexiglass will be added between computers and enhanced cleaning implemented between users. Capacity will be in accordance with state guidance.

Bristol Athletics

The National Junior College Athletic Association (NJCAA) has chosen to suspend the following Spring 2021 sports including:

  • Men’s & Women’s Basketball
  • Men's & Women's Track
  • Men's & Women's Soccer
  • Men's Golf

While athletes will not be competing, the college’s athletics program and specialized services for student-athletes will continue to support our players, academically and professionally, throughout their Bristol experience.

John Boyd Center on the Fall River Campus

Planned policies may include surveys for parents and guardians, temperature checks for children, and additional social distancing safeguards – TBD as planning continues.




Full Return

Following State and Federal guidelines, Stage 4 may be achieved when there is a treatment and/or vaccine for COVID-19. Stage 4 may consist of new protocols and the “new normal”, and the college anticipates that all employees will return to campuses to work at this stage. State guidelines regarding social distancing, hygiene, and cleaning will continue to be enforced and followed. Public access to buildings will be reevaluated based on state guidance.

  • Outdoor organized group athletic events, indoor events, or other large outdoor events will be revaluated following state guidance.
  • Employee engagement will continue to be a focus for Bristol via virtual and other events, as followed by state guidelines.
  • EAP counselors may be available on campus or remotely as needed and other opportunities to volunteer together in the community will be offered, when it is safe to do so.