Health & Safety

While you are on campus

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and Behavioral Guidelines on Campus

While on campus, everyone must follow the established college guidelines on behavior and precautions. This means everyone must wear a mask/face covering, maintain social distancing, practice frequent hand hygiene and follow classroom rules.

  • Students who do not wish to comply with the college’s PPE and Behavioral guidelines will be asked to leave campus.

In addition, violations of the college’s established rules and policies will be reported to Campus Police and the Code of Conduct Officer for follow up and addressed along with the Student Code of Conduct Policy found at:

  • Please also see Student Code of Conduct and Policy Message Regarding COVID-19.

  • Masks/face coverings must always be worn while on campus - including in the classroom, restrooms or open areas. Students may wear a level 1 mask.
    • Masks/face coverings must cover both the nose and mouth.
    • Mask/face coverings are the individual’s responsibility to provide for themselves, and it is recommended that individuals carry an extra mask while on campus.
    • Should the mask/face covering lose its integrity or be lost entirely and so prevent it from being worn, extra face masks will be made available by the college free of charge in Bristol’s Campus Police or Health Services Offices.
    • Accommodations to mask/face covering requirements will be made for those for whom it is not possible due to medical conditions, disability impact or other health or safety factors.
    • Face shields may be worn with a mask/face covering to provide additional safety; face shields alone do not protect the health and safety of our college community.
    • Transparent mask/face coverings are an alternative for those who require an accommodation and for faculty to student communication.
    • Some health programs may require additional PPE as required by external accreditors. Your instructor will provide any additional PPE requirements.

  • Face shields: The addition of wearing a face shield in conjunction with a face mask can better protect the wearer’s eyes against aerosolized droplets as well as decrease the ability for the wearer to touch their eyes, decreasing the spread of the virus. To request a face shield and schedule a pick-up time, please contact Campus Police by calling 774.357.2218 or email

  • Social Distancing must be maintained for everyone on campus. Please remain six (6) feet apart from other individuals.
    • Indoor gatherings are limited to eight (8) persons per 1,000 square feet floor space. At no time should a group larger than 25 be gathered in any indoor space even if square footage allows it. This includes all college business areas, lounges, food areas, lobbies, hallways, etc.

  • Hand Hygiene is required for everyone to exercise frequently (handwashing or hand sanitizing) upon arrival to the college, before and after eating, before putting on and taking off masks, before and after entering a restroom and before leaving the college.
    • Hand sanitizers are available at key locations (building entrances, classrooms) and throughout college locations.

In the Classroom:

  • As a rule, there will be no eating in the classroom – Drinking is also discouraged, and only when necessary, allowed with a straw.
  • Bring your own materials. You should not share or borrow any items with classmates.
  • Classroom Reconfiguration - Desks have been spaced out and extra seating has been removed in classrooms to allow for six-foot social distancing. Please do not change the arrangement.
  • Contact Tracing - At each class meeting, your instructor will make note of all the people in your classroom, including themselves, on a printed Classroom Participation form.
  • Faculty Office Hours - All office hours will be virtual.

Out of the classroom, pay attention and follow the signage that is there to help keep you and the college community safe.

  • Where necessary, markers have been placed on floors and pavements to indicate six-foot social distancing.
  • Elevators have been designated for single person use only.
  • All restrooms on campus, regardless of size, will be single person use only.
  • Public area furniture is also spaced out more than six feet apart. Only one person will be allowed to sit per table.
  • The Hawks Nest in C building at the Fall River campus is open for grab and go items only. You may order ahead via the app and pick up.
  • Handwashing capabilities are provided throughout the college. The restrooms have been appropriately stocked for frequent handwashing.
  • Additional hand sanitizing stations have been added throughout campus in areas deemed appropriate.
  • “Self-service” cleaning stations are set up throughout campus. Open-top trash receptacles will be available to discard cleaning materials and used PPE.